When prepping to sell, you’ll need to gather some required documentation. You may need it for legal purposes, but some items will be asked for by a potential buyer. When cleaning and decluttering make sure to gather all items in one place for easy access. (Pro tip: The dollar store sells small according style file folders that can easily travel where you go…for a dollar or two).

Here are some items you will need, if possible:

  • NS Power consumption for the last two years (Please contact NS Power directly to obtain this record)
  • Property taxes for the current year (you can email proptax@halifax.ca to obtain this)
  • Any property surveys, if in existence
  • Any warranties on the property (Roof shingles, Appliances, Windows, Recent renovation warranties New Home Warranties)
  • Copy of Power of Attorney documents (in such situations)
  • Copy of Separation agreement (in such situations)
  • Any building plans, if in existence
  • Any restrictive covenants on the property
  • Copy of heating bills for last two years
  • Any leased equipment contracts (propane tanks, hot water tanks)
  • Receipts for septic pumping
  • Any receipts for recent purchases, installations, or work completed recently

If you’re ready to sell, email us today and we’ll help you start the journey.

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