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What you need to know about the buying process:

  • Mar 11, 2021

    Get Financial Approval

  • Make Your Wish List

  • Shop For Houses

  • Find Your Dream Home

  • Make An Offer

  • Negotiate Your Closing

  • Arrange Home Inspection

  • Review Inspection Reports

  • Address Outstanding Items

  • Confirm Mortgage Financing

  • Arrange Utilities

  • Book Movers

  • Celebrate Closing!

First things first: Are you ready to buy?

Before you start looking at properties you need to have your ducks in a row. The last thing you want is to find the perfect property and not be able to buy it.

Getting your financing in place before you reach out to your real estate professional.

Once you have financial approval, it’s time to start your home search.

Some questions to consider as you begin your search:

Once you have financial approval, it’s time to start your home search.

  • How much would you like to spend on your mortgage monthly, and how does that align with future goals and budgeting?
  • What are your desired areas to live in?
  • Are you wiling to put in some sweat equity or compromise your wants and needs list?
  • Where are the schools? Daycares? How long will it take you to get to work or local amenities?
  • What is the re-sale value of an area?
  • How many bedrooms? Bathrooms?
  • Need a garage? A fenced in yard?
  • We encourage you to think beyond paint colors and finishes.

When you find your dream home, your agent will write an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. This is a legal contract, with your intended offer of purchase to the sellers. The sellers may accept, counter, or refuse your offer. This is where having an experienced real estate agent acting on your behalf will help you through this process with as little stress as possible.

We are with you every step of the way through inspections, negotiations, and beyond. Once your agreement is firm, it’s time to get ready to move.

We have a list of trusted professionals to help you with every step of your home buying experience.

We can’t wait to celebrate your new home with you!

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