We know this sounds pretty obvious, but having a clean, fresh house is always a crowd pleaser. If you’ve got an eye towards selling, work these key spots into your regular cleaning rotation now, to make sure that everything’s ready to go once you’re ready to sell.

Here are some areas often missed:

  1. Window Sills.
  1. Laundry room/utility rooms. A home inspector will spend quite a bit of time here, and it’s often forgotten about. A fresh coat of paint, clean floor, and heating/cooling system repairs are a great help, and make your house more organized and cared for.
  1. Baseboards
  1. Dirty finger prints on walls in high traffic areas, such as stairways, corners of hallways, interior doors, and kids play rooms/ bedroom walls
  1. Under sink cabinets (potential buyers will want to check the condition of your plumbing)
  1. Inside of the fridge and oven.
  1. Pet beds
  1. Inside light fixtures such as lamp shades (Make sure to replace any burnt bulbs!)
  1. High traffic carpet or area rugs
  1. Exterior doors, especially front entry porches. 

Pro tip: Make sure you include blind smells in the home, that you may nose-blind to, such as pet odour, hockey gear, work gear, etc. Ask a friend to come over and be honest about what they smell when you walk in the house.

When you’re ready to sell, contact us today. We’re here to help you get the best price possible for your home.

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