High End Real Estate comes with a certain level of expertise. Some agents have particular designations to separate their skills in order to work with high end properties. Having spent a decade working with high end brands and businesses around Atlantic Canada, I know what luxury truly means first hand, with a lot of experience. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a cost. It’s personal.

Working with high end properties is one of my specialties. Selling luxury properties takes a unique skill set. Oftentimes, stakes are high and you need to have a tough skin to handle the pressure – and well, there’s isn’t much that I won’t go up against.

Dealing with properties of a certain nature, means determining value at a new level. The devil is in the details, something I have always said – and that is truly high end. Property is property at the end of the day. But what takes a property and makes it luxury? There is no difference between land in one area or another technically speaking….it’s dirt, rock, water. When we sell r/e we are technically selling land, not the house. (That’s why it’s called real estate…estate meaning land!) If there was no house, you would still own the land. But what if that plot happens to be on a deeded coastline, surrounded by a stunning white sandy private beach? and what if I add a doc large enough for several boats, and a private outdoor entertaining area that rivals 5-star hotel lounges and rooftop patios? What if I also build an exquisite property with soaring views (and ceilings), the latest tech must-haves, a kitchen suitable for a master chef, and a master suite that is larger than most apartments….well, we have some top items that determine a property to be luxury.

Luxury costs. This is not new information. When selling (or buying) luxury property the details are all the difference. It’s not enough to simply list all the key features and unique qualities a particular property offers – you are selling a lifestyle. Homes that have invested in details, upgrades, square footage, quality finishes and products, and elements of ‘wow’ are luxury (just to name a few). It all conveys one thing: The type of life someone will have while owning or living in a particular property. It takes a unique approach to convey a certain property. 

No matter what value a property has, I treat every client the same. It’s not about what is deemed ‘better’ or not – my job is to facilitate real estate transactions through achieving property goals for my clients. If you are looking to sell – we can help.

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