Congratulations, you're ready to sell your house!

What you need to know about the selling process:

Confirm Readiness

Commit to Sale Price

Prep House for Market

Declutter & Make Repairs

Clean & Tidy Everything

Gather Documentation

List Home for Sale

Review Offers


Accept Offer

Cancel Utilities

Book Movers

Celebrate Closing!

First things First: Are You Ready to Sell? Before you start you need to know if you’re ready to sell.

It can take a lot sweat equity, time, and patience. Before you call your agent, there’s a few steps to consider. Are you truly ready to sell? What are the reasons for selling? Is it financially based? Is it the need to unload a property? Is it that you need more space, land, or has your lifestyle changed?

Before you list, what is your game plan for when the property sells?

We all want to capitalize on property gains. Speaking with your Agent can tell you about your properties market value.

  • How much can you sell for?
  • What is the current market like?
  • What is the average time to sell?

These questions will all reflect the most important question: How much money will we get from the sale?

Ask Questions

Look at current home trends, ask your agent what Buyers are currently most interested in, and what could be the best ROI for your home. Industry professionals spend every day inside homes, and know what the current market demands. Feedback is a good thing when it comes to selling. Minor upgrades can yield high returns, such as a new counter top or backsplash

Consider Staging

Staging can make all the difference, especially in a vacant home. Spending the money on staging will allow potential buyers to envision the space, and therefore them living there. Completed by a design professional, when complete the home looks magazine ready. As one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies, Agents use home staging to literally ‘set the stage’, meaning to stand out from the competition, often resulting in higher or competition offers.

Remember showing your property can be emotional! The buyers will have their own personal opinions of the property. Take feedback with a high-head and listen to what the market has to say! Your Agent will notify you of upcoming showings and their feedback.